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Salem State University Policies - Table of Contents

Academic Affairs

Academic Integrity Regulationseffective
CHHS CORI Policyeffective
Course Information Policyeffective
Graduate School Transfer Crediteffective
International Student Policy FAQseffective
Policy on Anonymous Complaintseffective
Preferred Name Policyeffective


Library Use Policies effective

Occupational Therapy

Graduate Student Manualeffective
OT Competency Manualeffective
Undergraduate Student Policy Manualeffective

Research and Sponsored Programs Policies and Procedures

Animals Care and Useeffective
Human Subjects in Research IRBeffective
IRB Policyeffective
Research Integrityeffective

School of Social Work

BSW Student Handbookeffective
MSW Student Handbookeffective

Student Policy

Disruptive Student in Classroom Policyeffective
Final Examination Policyeffective

Emergency Policies and Procedures

Bldg Coord Roles Brochureeffective
Emergency College Closingeffective
Emergency Procedureseffective
Emergency Response Plan for Studentseffective
Hurricane & Flood Planeffective
University Policy Statementseffective


Deferred Admissionseffective
Graduate Admission Deadlineseffective
Graduate Admission General Infoeffective
Graduate Application Instructionseffective
How To Applyeffective
International Paymentseffective
International Studentseffective
MassTransfer effective
MassTransfer Blockeffective
Transfer Admission Requirementseffective
Transfer Admissionseffective
Transfer Admissions Requirementseffective
Transfer Available Scholarships effective
Transfer Crediteffective
Undergraduate Admissions Welcomeeffective
Undocumented Studentseffective
Visit Useffective

Financial Aid

Alternative Financingeffective
Perkins Nursing and Parent Plus Loanseffective
Teach Grant Eligible Programseffective


Academic Policieseffective
Census Reporting Policy Changeeffective
FERPA Notification of Rights 092012effective
Policy on Joint Programs for Catalogeffective
Posthumous Degreeseffective
Student Information Policieseffective

Student Accounts

Meal Plan Policyeffective
University Refund Policyeffective

Finance and Business

Fuel Card Policyeffective
Gift Card Policyeffective
Identity Theft Prevention Policyeffective
Investment Policyeffective
Risk Assessment and Internal Control Planeffective
SSU Debt Policyeffective
SSU Trust Fund Guidelineseffective
Statewide Records Retention Scheduleeffective
Time and Effort Reporting Policyeffective
University Refund Policyeffective

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Chapter 647effective
Complaints By Public Employeeseffective
Detection of Fraud Schemeseffective
Executive Order 504; PIIeffective
Fraud Waste Brochureeffective
Fraud Waste Toolkiteffective
Student Loan Fraudeffective
Student Loan Fraud 2effective
Use of Personal Information Restitutioneffective

Human Resources & EEO

Employee Handbookeffective
Mothers Room Policyeffective
Official Personnel Fileseffective
Student Employment Policyeffective
Student Employment Working Hours Policyeffective
Title IX Policyeffective
University Closing Due to Emergencyeffective

Information Technology Services

Acceptable Use Policyeffective
Access Control Policyeffective
Administrative Rights Policyeffective
Change Management Policyeffective
Configuration Management Policyeffective
Data Classification and Access Policyeffective
Electronic Communications Policyeffective
Email Communication Policyeffective
Encryption Policyeffective
Information Security Policyeffective
ITS Datacenter Physical Security Policyeffective
Network Security Policyeffective
Network Standardseffective
Password Protection Policyeffective
Security Training and Awareness Policyeffective
Social Media Engagement Policyeffective
Web Governance Policyeffective
Web Privacy Statementeffective
Web Use Policyeffective
Written Information Security Programeffective

Institutional Advancement


Gift Acceptance Policyeffective
Memorandum of Agreementeffective

Union Agreements

AFSCME Contract 7.1.11-6.30effective
APA Contract 1.1.12-12.31effective
MSCA Contract 7.1.12-7.30effective


Board of Trustees Bylaws 10/17/18effective

Student Life

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy effective
Student Education Records FERPAeffective
Student Right to Know Acteffective
Tobacco Free Campus Policy effective


Blood Spill Protocoleffective
Coaches Handbookeffective
Emergency Action Planeffective
Lightening Policyeffective
Student Athlete Handbookeffective
Tobacco Policyeffective
Trademark Licensingeffective

Campus Center

Booking Policyeffective
Campus Center Building Regulationseffective
Guidelines for Solicitation and Saleseffective
Room Request Event Clearanceeffective
Room Reservations How to Reserve a Room effective
Sales Authorization Permitseffective
Solicitation Permiteffective
University Freedom of Speech Policy effective

Career Services

Career Services Disclaimereffective
Employer Relations Policieseffective

Counseling and Health Services

Privacy Policy effective

Residence Life

Break Housing Applicationeffective
Break Housing Informationeffective
Student Leadership Opportunities effective

Community Standards

Student Code of Conducteffective


Financial Responsibility effective
Frequently Asked Questionseffective
Information Notification Form effective
Travel Policy effective
Travel Proposal Form effective

University Police

Campus Event Policyeffective
Children on Campus Policy effective
Emergency Procedureseffective
Jeanne Clery Act effective
Missing Person Investigationseffective
Parking Violation Fineseffective
Shelter In Placeeffective
Snow Closing Information effective
Tow and Hold Policy for Vehicles effective


CAL 133 Fire Standardeffective
Contract Employees vseffective
Contract Signing Authority Policyeffective
Custom Gifts at SSU Bookstoreeffective
Freedom of Information Acteffective
How to Draft a Request for Responseeffective
Important Procurement Process Tipseffective
PCI and PI Questionnaire for Vendorseffective
Procard Policies and Procedures Manualeffective
Procurement Process Guideeffective
Stapleslink Paper Shredder Standardseffective
Vehicle Use Policyeffective
Vendor Informationeffective
Workers Specificationseffective

Music and Dance

Computer/Midi Lab Usage Policieseffective
Piano Service Policieseffective
Recording Policieseffective

Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy, and Diversity

Application for Interesteffective
Contracts for Performances Policyeffective
Engagement Agreementeffective
Financial Policies and Procedureseffective
Fraternity Sorority Registration Packeteffective
Interest Group Packeteffective
Posting Policyeffective
Raffle Procedureseffective
Starting a New Student Organization effective
Student Organization Constitution Workbookeffective
Student Organization Recognition Policy effective
Travel Financial Responsibility effective
Travel Information Notificationeffective
Travel Participant Agreement effective
Travel Participate Disclosure Form effective
Travel Proposal Form effective

School of Nursing

Nursing Policieseffective
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