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Salem State University Requests for Proposals

SSU 2022-07 Berry Library HVAC Improvements
2022-05 - Sale of Mussel Farm RFP
2022-03 - Invitation to Bid: Meier Hall Penthouse Walls Remediation
2022-01 To Move Sterling Streamliner Diner - Salem Diner - RFP
2021-04 Legal Services - RFQ
2021-11B REBID - Building Automation System Upgrades-Phase - RFP
2021-07 Shuttle and Bus Charter Service – RFP
2021-05 Alumni Field Turf Replacement - RFP
2021-06 Building Automation System Upgrades-Phase 1 – RFP
2021-01 Athletic, Supplies, Equipment and Services - RFB
2021-02 Re-engagement and re-enrollment strategy for Stopped-out students - RFP
2021-01 Generator Maintenance and Repair - RFQ
RFP 2020-06 Food Service - Salem State University Dining
2020-07 Plumbing Maintenance Service
RFP 2020-08 HVAC Maintenance and Repair Service
2020-04 Solid Waste, Recycling and Compost Addendum III, Questions and Answers
2020-04 Solid Waste Recycling and Compost – Addendum II
2020-04 Solid Waste Recycling and Compost - Addendum I, Important Announcement
Diplomas, Diploma Covers and Mailing
RFP Awards
RFP 2019-10 HR HMC
Realtor Services, 410 Lafayette St
2018-11 Snow Removal
RFP Tracking Information 2017
RFP Tracking Information 2018
2018-03 University Blanket Contract for Electrical Services Campus Wide
Financial Aid Optimization Solution
Human Capital Management System for HR
General Ledger System For Department of Finance and Business
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